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United States Foreign Policy--Western Europe, C. Burke Elbrick

 Digital Record
Identifier: RG15_20_13_01
Dates: 1954 Mar 24

United States Marine Corps, John E. Lejeune

 Digital Record
Identifier: RG15_03_47_01
Dates: 1923 Dec 19

United States Merchant Marine, Present and Future, J. W. Powell

 Digital Record
Identifier: RG15_03_32_01
Dates: 1922 Oct 6

US Fleet Confidential Letter No. 11-31

 Digital Record
Identifier: RG08_061_02_04
Dates: 1931 Oct 19

U.S. Fleet: Umpire Instructions 1931

 Digital Record
Identifier: RG08_061_03_01
Dates: 1931 Oct 27

U.S. Foreign Policy - Extracts, George Kennan

 Digital Record
Identifier: RG15_11_18_01
Dates: 1948 Oct 11

U.S. Naval War College Course, W.W. Phelps

 Digital Record
Identifier: RG14_03_13_01
Dates: 1921

U.S. Naval War College guest pass

 Digital Record
Identifier: RG22_04_16_07
Dates: 1971

Uses and Limitations of International Organizations, Field H. Haviland, Jr

 Digital Record
Identifier: RG15_20_22_01
Dates: 1954 Oct 13

USS Astoria's Visit to Japan

 Digital Record
Identifier: RG08_071_05_01
Dates: 1939 Apr 26